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Axel vs Xion
Axel: Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?
Xion: Axel...
Axel: Xion...what are you gonna do?
Xion: I've decided that I have to go back to where I belong
Axel: Well, to be honest, I always felt that was best, right from the very beginning.
Axel: But you know, it still really bugs me. Something about this just stinks.
Xion: It's for the good of everyone.
Axel: But how do you know that?
Axel: Everybody thinks they're right...
Xion: This is right.
Axel: They're gonna destroy you!
Xion: Please don't hold back, Axel.
Xion: Promise.
Axel: What's your Problem!?
Axel: You both...think you can do whatever you want!
Axel: Well I am sick of it!
Axel: Go on, you just keep running! But I'll always be there to bring you back!